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Sonic Drive-in Boneless "Wing Ring" Commercial

Sonic Drive-in Boneless "Wing Ring" Commercial

T.J. Jagodowski and Peter Grosz have made a big splash for the Sonic-Drive-in Restaurants with their hilarious commercials. The way they capture the audience's attention and come out with quick one liners is remarkable. Both actors have had prior experience in acting and writing. The latest commercial which features the “Wing Ring" is to get Sonic's all-new boneless chicken wing flavors a big jump start and it sure has.

In the commercial Peter asks TJ what is that ring he is wearing and he tells him that it is a wing ring. He goes on to explain that he asks the wing ring what flavor wings he should have today and it tells him. Peter wants to ask it a question but TJ makes up excuses why he can not ask.

The TV commercial brings a bit of goofiness and humor at the same time. Some do not like it and some do.

Here are the five different styles of the 100%-white-meat boneless wings available at your local Sonic Drive-in Restaurant—Island Fire, Garlic Parmesan, Asian Sweet Chili, Buffalo and Honey BBQ.

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By John on Oct 21, 2015