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cleveland 02497


Cleveland 02497

Burner, Gas, Assembly

Price: $113.64
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02497 Product Description

Cleveland 02497 Genuine OEM Replacement Part

Burner, Gas, Assembly


  • Length: 3.55 in
  • Width: 19.80 in
  • Height: 2.00 in
  • Weight: 1.07 lbs
  • Hazardous: No

Product Specs

  • Equipment models this part works with.
    NOTE: Some models may not be listed or may be incompatible with some serial numbers.
    24CGM250 24CGM300
    36CDM16 36CDM16 - 160AA09
    36CEM1648 36CGM16300
    36CGM16300 - 160AN45 36CSM16
    42CKDM 42CKEM24
    42CKEM36 42CKEM48
    42CKGM200 42CKGM250
    42CKGM300 42CKSM
    6CDM 6CEM18
    6CEM27 6CEM36
    6CEM48 6CGM100
    6CGM200 6CGM250
    6CGM300 6CSM
    9CDM 9CEM18
    9CEM27 9CEM36
    9CEM48 9CGM100
    9CGM200 9CGM250
    9CGM300 9CSM
    PDL-3J PDM-2J
    PDM-3J PDP-2J
    PDP-3J PEM160-2J
    PEM160-3J PEM200-2J
    PEM200-3J PEM24-2J
    PEM24-3J PEM250-2J
    PEM250-3J PEM300-2J
    PEM300-3J PEM36-2J
    PEM36-3J PEM48-2J
    PEM48-3J PSM-2J
  • Weight: 1 lbs.