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cma temp-sure


CMA Temp-Sure

12 kw Booster Heater for Dump and Fill Style Dishwashers

Price: $1,437.00

Temp-Sure Product Description

Field installed stand alone with kit CMA-Temp-Sure (self contained 12.0 kw heater)
Hot Water Assurance System for Dump and Fill Style Dishwashers

The CMA-Temp-Sure™ option assures a continuous supply of 140°F hot water resulting in excellent dishmachine performance. The heater is custom-designed for fill and dump CMA single tank dishwashers as a factory added option or an infield add-on. The heater will also fit most competitor’s single tank dishmachines.

The Temp-Sure can be mounted to the side of dishmachine, not requiring any of your valuable kitchen space or used as freestanding.
The Temp-Sure provides an additional 40 degrees of temperature rise to your incoming dishmachine water supply, which will help prevent your existing water supply source from being over burdened. Have peace of mind that proper dishware sanitation is taking place and preventing health risks.
It can be built-in at the factory, or it can be purchased separately with a field kit for field installation.
The Temp-Sure requires a separate 208-230v/3 phase or 208-240v/1 phase.

Product Specs

  • Phase: Choose: Single or Triple
  • Volts: 208 and 240
  • Wattage: 12000
  • Weight: 45 lbs.

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