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delfield 000-248-0030-s


Delfield 000-248-0030-S

Assy, Coil, R404A, Ref, Gry

Price: $1,188.44

000-248-0030-S Product Description

Delfield 000-248-0030-S Genuine OEM Replacement Part

Assy, Coil, R404A, Ref, Gry

Product Specs

  • Equipment models this part works with.
    NOTE: Some models may not be listed or may be incompatible with some serial numbers.
    18600PTBM 186114 PTB
    186114-BSTM 186114-BUCM
    186114-PTBM 18648-PDL
    18648-PTL 18648B-BSTM
    18660-BSTM 18660-BUCM
    18660-BUCM - 160AJ22 18660-PTBM
    18660-PTBM - 160AJ10 18660-PTBM - 160AJ11
    18660-PTBM - 160AJ19 18660-PTBM - 160AJ20
    18660PTBM 18672-BSTM
    18672-BUCM 18672-BUCM - 160AJ36
    18672-PDL 18672-PTBM
    18672-PTBM - 160AJ04 18672-PTL
    18672PTBM 18691-BSTM
    18691-BUCM 18691-PTBM
    18699 PTB 18699-BSTM
    18699-BUC 18699-BUCM
    18699-PTB 18699-PTB - 160AI94
    18699-PTBM 18699-PTL
    18RC62R 18RC74L
    18WC44R BW18672PTBM
    CTP8146-NB CTP8146-NB - 1404150000290
    CTP8160-NB CTP8175-NB
    DCH-BS-27L DCH-BS-27R
    DCH-BS-58L DCH-EC-68R
    DCH-FS-48L DCH-RB-45-38
    DCH-RB-45-40 DCH-SC-55R
    DCH-SN-55R DCH-TF-55L
    DCH-TF-55R DCH-UCR-27R
    F15MC48D F15MC48N
    F15MC72D F15MC72N
    F15MR48D F15MR48N
    F15MR72D F15MR72N
    F15PC48D F15PC48N
    F15PC72D F15PC72N
    F15PR48D F15PR48N
    F15PR72D F15PR72N
    F15SC48D F15SC48N
    F15SC72D F15SC72N
    F15SR48D F15SR48N
    F15SR72D F15SR72N
    F17C110 F17C60
    F17C68 F17C78
    F17C87 F17C95
    F17R102 F17R52
    F17R60 F17R70
    F17R79 F17R87
    F18DC52 F18DC60
    F18DC68 F18DC72
    F18DC82 F18DC91
    F18DC99 F18DR44
    F18DR52 F18DR60
    F18DR70 F18DR79
    F18DR87 F18FC43
    F18FC43 - 160AJ21 F18MC39A
    F18MC39D F18MC52A
    F18MC52D F18MC52E
    F18MC60A F18MC60D
    F18MC60E F18MC60F
    F18MR31A F18MR44A
    F18MR44D F18MR52A
    F18MR52D F18MR52E
    F18PD48 F18PD72
    F18RC119-ES1L F18RC119-ES1R
    F18RC52 F18RC60
    F18RC68 F18RC72
    F18RC82 F18RC91
    F18RC93-BPL F18RC99
    F18RR44 F18RR52
    F18RR60 F18RR70
    F18RR79 F18RR87
    F18SC39A F18SC39B
    F18SC52A F18SC52B
    F18SC52C F18SC52D
    F18SC60A F18SC60B
    F18SC60C F18SC60D
    F18SR31A F18SR44A
    F18SR44B F18SR44C
    F18SR52A F18SR52B
    F18SR52C F18SR52D
    F18WC39 F18WC47
    F18WC52 F18WC60
    F18WC68 F18WC78
    F18WC87 F18WC95
    F18WR31 F18WR39
    F18WR44 F18WR52
    F18WR60 F18WR70
    F18WR79 F18WR87
    F2660C F2694C
    F28110 F2852
    F2862 F2875
    F2880 F2887
    F2899 F29110
    F29110C F2936C
    F2962 F2962C
    F2975 F2975C
    F2980 F2980C
    F2987 F2987C
    F2999 F2999C
    F5MC48D F5MC48N
    F5MC72D F5MC72N
    F5MR48D F5MR48N
    F5MR72D F5MR72N
    F5PC48D F5PC48N
    F5PC72D F5PC72N
    F5PR48D F5PR48N
    F5PR72D F5PR72N
    F5SC48D F5SC48N
    F5SC72D F5SC72N
    F5SR48D F5SR48N
    F5SR72D F5SR72N