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groen z071235


Groen Z071235

Valve Water Feed 3/4 Dual 3/8

Price: $184.70
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Z071235 Product Description

Groen Z071235 Genuine OEM Replacement Part

Valve Water Feed 3/4 Dual 3/8


  • Length: 4.05 in
  • Width: 3.85 in
  • Height: 3.35 in
  • Weight: 0.38 lbs
  • Hazardous: No

Product Specs

  • Equipment models this part works with.
    NOTE: Some models may not be listed or may be incompatible with some serial numbers.
    (2)HY-5G (2)TRI-RES-20G
    10E-SBC 10G-SBC
    3E-SBC 3G-SBC
    5E-SBC 5G-SBC
    5G-SN 6E-SC
    6G-SC CC10-E
    CC20-E HY-12E
    HY-24E HY-3E(CE)
    HY-5G HY-6E
    HY-6G HY-6G(CE)
    SSB-10E SSB-10G
    SSB-3E SSB-3G
    SSB-5E SSB-5G
    ST-6E TRI-RES-20G