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hoshizaki 212088-01


Hoshizaki 212088-01

Cube Guide

Price: $45.00

212088-01 Product Description

Genuine Hoshizaki Cube Guides can be purchased here at

Cube guides sometimes will get cracks and holes in the grid and may not allow some ice to deflect properly into your bin.

For any questions concerning the operations of your Hoshizaki ice machine or cube guide please feel free to contact our support team at 800-913-0192

Product Specs

  • Equipment models this part works with.
    NOTE: Some models may not be listed or may be incompatible with some serial numbers.
    KM-280MAE KM-280MAF
    KM-280MAH KM-280MWE
    KM-280MWF KM-280MWH
    KM-320MAH KM-320MWH
    KM-450MAB KM-500MAE
    KM-500MAF KM-500MAH
    KM-500MAH-E KM-500MRE
    KM-500MRF KM-500MRH
    KM-500MWE KM-500MWF
    KM-500MWH KM-501MAH
    KM-501MRH KM-501MWH
    KM-515MAH KM-515MRH
    KM-515MWH KM-630MAB
    KM-630MAE KM-630MAF
    KM-630MAH KM-630MRE
    KM-630MRF KM-630MRH
    KM-630MWE KM-630MWF
    KM-630MWH KM-650MAH
    KM-650MRH KM-650MWH
    KM-800MAE KM-800MRE
    KM-800MWE KM-900MAF
    KM-900MAH KM-900MRF
    KM-900MRH KM-900MRH3
    KM-900MWF KM-900MWH
    KM-901MAH KM-901MRH