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hoshizaki 2a1410-02


Hoshizaki 2A1410-02

Control Board

Price: $450.26
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2A1410-02 Product Description

Be sure to match your model number with the proper Hoshizaki Control Board.

Let our customer support team help if you are having any difficulties looking up the correct control board.

Keep your Hoshizaki ice machine working at optimal performance with genuine Hoshizaki parts!

Hoshizaki 2A1410-02 Control Board

Product Specs

  • Equipment models this part works with.
    NOTE: Some models may not be listed or may be incompatible with some serial numbers.
    DKM-500BWH KM-1200MAE
    KM-1200MRE KM-1200SAE
    KM-1200SRE KM-1201
    KM-1300MAF KM-1300MAH
    KM-1300MAH3 KM-1300MRF
    KM-1300MRF3 KM-1300MRH
    KM-1300MRH3 KM-1300MWF
    KM-1300MWH KM-1300NRF
    KM-1300SAF KM-1300SAF3
    KM-1300SAH KM-1300SAH3
    KM-1300SRF KM-1300SRF3
    KM-1300SRH KM-1300SRH3
    KM-1300SWF KM-1300SWF3
    KM-1300SWH KM-1300SWH3
    KM-1301SAH KM-1301SAH3
    KM-1340MAH KM-1340MRH
    KM-1340MWH KM-1600MRE
    KM-1600MRE3 KM-1600MRF
    KM-1600MRF3 KM-1600MRH
    KM-1600MRH3 KM-1600SAE
    KM-1600SAF KM-1600SRE
    KM-1600SRE3 KM-1600SRF
    KM-1600SRF3 KM-1600SWE
    KM-1600SWE3 KM-1600SWF
    KM-1600SWF3 KM-1601MAH
    KM-1601MRH KM-1601MRH3
    KM-1601MWH KM-1601SRH
    KM-1601SRH3 KM-1601SWH
    KM-1601SWH3 KM-1800SAH
    KM-1800SAH3 KM-1800SRH
    KM-1800SRH3 KM-1800SWH
    KM-1800SWH3 KM-1900SAH
    KM-1900SAH3 KM-1900SRH
    KM-1900SRH3 KM-1900SWH
    KM-1900SWH3 KM-2000SAF
    KM-2000SAH KM-2000SRF
    KM-2000SRF3 KM-2000SRH
    KM-2000SRH3 KM-2000SWF
    KM-2000SWF3 KM-2000SWH
    KM-2000SWH3 KM-2400SAF
    KM-2400SAH KM-2400SRB
    KM-2400SRB3 KM-2400SRF
    KM-2400SRF3 KM-2400SRH
    KM-2400SRH3 KM-2400SWF
    KM-2400SWH KM-2500SAF
    KM-2500SAH KM-2500SRF
    KM-2500SRH KM-2500SRH3
    KM-2500SWF KM-2500SWH
    KM-2500SWH3 KM-250BAC
    KM-250BAE KM-250BAF
    KM-250BWC KM-250BWF
    KM-250MAB KM-250MAE
    KM-280MAE KM-280MAF
    KM-280MAH KM-280MWE
    KM-280MWF KM-280MWH
    KM-320MAH KM-320MWH
    KM-500MAE KM-500MAF
    KM-500MAH KM-500MAH-E
    KM-500MRE KM-500MRF
    KM-500MRH KM-500MWE
    KM-500MWF KM-500MWH
    KM-501MAH KM-501MRH
    KM-501MWH KM-515MAH
    KM-515MWH KM-600MAH
    KM-600MRH KM-600MWH
    KM-630MAE KM-630MAF
    KM-630MAH KM-630MRE
    KM-630MRF KM-630MRH
    KM-630MWE KM-630MWF
    KM-630MWH KM-650MAH
    KM-650MWH KM-800MAE
    KM-800MRE KM-800MWE
    KM-900MAF KM-900MAH
    KM-900MRF KM-900MRH
    KM-900MRH3 KM-900MWF
    KM-900MWH KM-901MAH
    KM-901MWH KMD-700MAH
    KMD-900MAH KMD-901MWH
    KML-200MAE KML-200MWE
    KML-250MAH KML-250MWH
    KML-350MAF KML-350MAH
    KML-350MWF KML-351MAH
    KML-400MAE KML-400MWE
    KML-450MAF KML-450MAH
    KML-450MWF KML-450MWH
    KML-451MAH KML-451MWH
    KML-600MAF KML-600MAH
    KML-600MRF KML-600MWF
    KML-600MWH KML-631MAH
    KML-631MRH KML-631MWH
    KM-630MAB KM-630MWB
  • Note: ** The serial number must start before "U" for KM-320, KM-515, KM-650 and KM-901. If it starts with an "U" or after use Control Board # 2A3792-01
  • Warranty: 90 day manufacturer warranty