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hoshizaki s-0730


Hoshizaki S-0730

New Factory Water Pump

Price: $919.49
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S-0730 Product Description

Hoshizaki S-0730 Water Pump

Has your water pump failed or is sounding like its ready to quit, give us a call at 800-913-0192 or order online and we will ship out a new one ASAP. We understand that ice is a very important part of the food industry and our customers are counting on us to get their ice machine back up and running again. We pride ourselves with great customer support and fast service. If you have questions about the Hoshizaki S-0730 Water Pump please call us today.

Product Specs

  • Equipment models this part works with.
    NOTE: Some models may not be listed or may be incompatible with some serial numbers.
    KM-1200SAE KM-1200SRE
    KM-1300SAF KM-1300SAF3
    KM-1300SAH KM-1300SAH3
    KM-1300SRF KM-1300SRF3
    KM-1300SRH KM-1300SRH3
    KM-1300SWF KM-1300SWF3
    KM-1300SWH KM-1300SWH3
    KM-1301SAH KM-1301SAH3
    KM-1600SRE KM-1600SRE3
    KM-1600SRF KM-1600SRF3
    KM-1600SWE KM-1600SWE3
    KM-1600SWF KM-1600SWF3
    KM-1601SRH KM-1601SRH3
    KM-1601SWH KM-1601SWH3
    KM-1800SAH KM-1800SAH3
    KM-1800SRH KM-1800SRH3
    KM-1800SWH KM-1800SWH3
    KM-1900SAH KM-1900SAH3
    KM-1900SRH KM-1900SRH3
    KM-1900SWH KM-1900SWH3
    KM-1900S_H KM-2000SRF3
    KM-2000SRH3 KM-2000SWF3
    KM-2000SWH3 KM-2400SRB
    KM-2400SRB3 KM-2400SRF3
    KM-2400SRH3 KM-2500SRH3
  • Warranty: 90 day manufacturer warranty