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ice-o-matic 9101148-01


Ice-O-Matic 9101148-01


Price: $79.83
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9101148-01 Product Description

TIMER MODULE, 1-1023 SEC.;ICE-O-MATIC C106, C135, C136, C185, C186, C20, C25, C30,;C35, C40, C45, C50, C61, C66, C81, CF1106, CF450, CF800,;EC1006, EC1406, EC1406B2, EC1806, EC1806B2, EC2106B1, EC806,;EMF1106, EMF2306, EMF450, EMF800, F/MF1008, F/MF700, F250,;GC300, GC305, GC550, GC555, ICE0250, ICE0250A, ICE0250W,;ICE0305, ICE0305A, ICE0305W, ICE0320, ICE0325, ICE0400,;ICE0400A, ICE0400W, ICE0405, ICE0405A, ICE0405W, ICE0406,;ICE0406A, ICE0406W, ICE0500, ICE0500A, ICE0500R, ICE0500W,;ICE0520, ICE0525, ICE0605, ICE0605A, ICE0605R, ICE0605W,;ICE0606, ICE0606A, ICE0606R, ICE0606W, ICE0805, ICE0806,;ICE0806-A, ICE1005, ICE1006, ICE1007, ICE1405, ICE1405A,;ICE1405A3, ICE1405R, ICE1405R3, ICE1405W, ICE1405W3,;ICE1406, ICE1406A, ICE1406A3, ICE1406R, ICE1406R3, ICE1406W,;ICE1406W3, ICE1407, ICE1407A, ICE1407A3, ICE1407R,

Product Specs

  • Dimensions: 2" x 2" x 1.5" (W" x D" x H")
  • Weight: 0.16 lbs.