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S Model General Information

General Information Section 1

Contact your Manitowoc distributor for these optional accessories:
BIN CASTER Replaces standard legs.
Maximize profits from bagged ice sales with this convenient accessory. This sturdy unit rests on the bin
door frame, and adapts for left or right side filling.
Guardian sachet packets release chlorine dioxide on a controlled basis to inhibit the growth of bacteria and slime.
Guardian sachet packets are available through your local Manitowoc Ice Machine dealer.
Engineered specifically for Manitowoc ice machines, This water filter is an efficient, dependable, and
affordable method of inhibiting scale formation, filtering sediment, and removing chlorine taste and odor.
Manitowoc Ice Machine Cleaner and Sanitizer are available in convenient 16 oz. (473 ml) bottles. These
are the only cleaner and sanitizer approved for use with Manitowoc products.
This accessory reduces equipment cleaning expense. The AuCS® accessory monitors ice making cycles and
initiates cleaning procedures automatically.
A counter-top dispenser is ideal for cafeterias and many types of self-service facilities. Manitowoc auto-fill, floorstanding
ice dispensers meet the strict sanitary requirements of the food service, lodging and health care industries.
Cleaner Part Number Sanitizer Part Number
16 ounce Bottle - 94-0546-3 16 ounce Bottle - 94-0565-3
AuCS®-SO - 94-0546-3 AuCS®-SO - 94-0565-3
AuCS®-SI - 40-1326-3 AuCS®-SI - 40-1327-3

All Manitowoc ice machines require the ice storage system (bin, dispenser, etc.) to incorporate an ice deflector.
48” wide S Model ice machines require addingManitowoc Ice Deflector Kit K00349 when installing
with non-Manitowoc ice storage systems. 30” wide S Model ice machines require adding Manitowoc Ice Deflector Kit K00347 when installing with non-Manitowoc ice storage systems.
Prior to using a non-Manitowoc ice storage system with other Manitowoc ice machines, contact the
manufacturer to assure their ice deflector is compatible with Manitowoc ice machines.

These numbers are required when requesting information from your local Manitowoc distributor, or Manitowoc Ice, Inc.
The model and serial number are listed on the MODEL/SERIAL NUMBER DECAL affixed to the ice machine,
remote condenser and storage bin. Model/Serial Number Location

Owner Warranty Registration Card
The packet containing this manual also includes warranty information. Warranty coverage begins the day
your new ice machine is installed. If you do not return your OWNER WARRANTY
REGISTRATION CARD, Manitowoc will use the date of sale to the Manitowoc Distributor as the first day of
warranty coverage for your new ice machine.
Warranty Coverage
The following Warranty outline is provided for your convenience. For a detailed explanation, read the
warranty bond shipped with each product. Contact your local Manitowoc Distributor, Manitowoc Ice,
Inc. or visit our website at if you need further warranty information.
1. Manitowoc warrants the ice machine against defects in materials and workmanship, under normal use
and service for three (3) years from the date of original installation.
2. The evaporator and compressor are covered by an additional two (2) year (five years total) warranty
beginning on the date of the original installation.
1. Labor required to repair or replace defective components is covered for three (3) years from the
date of original installation.
2. The evaporator is covered by an additional two (2) year (five years total) labor warranty beginning on
the date of the original installation.
The following items are not included in the ice machine’s warranty coverage:
1. Normal maintenance, adjustments and cleaning.
2. Repairs due to unauthorized modifications to the ice machine or use of non-standard parts without
prior written approval from Manitowoc Ice, Inc.
3. Damage caused by improper installation of the ice machine, electrical supply, water supply or drainage,
or damage caused by floods, storms, or other acts of God.
4. Premium labor rates due to holidays, overtime, etc.; travel time; flat rate service call charges;
mileage and miscellaneous tools and material charges not listed on the payment schedule.
Additional labor charges resulting from the inaccessibility of equipment are also excluded.
5. Parts or assemblies subjected to misuse, abuse, neglect or accidents.
6. Damage or problems caused by installation, cleaning and/or maintenance procedures inconsistent with the technical instructions provided in this manual.
7. This product is intended exclusively for commercial application. No warranty is extended for personal, family,
or household purposes.
To comply with the provisions of the warranty, a refrigeration service company qualified and
authorized by a Manitowoc distributor, or a Contracted Service Representative must perform the warranty repair.
NOTE: If the dealer you purchased the ice machine from is not authorized to perform warranty service, contact
your Manitowoc distributor or Manitowoc Ice, Inc. for the name of the nearest authorized service representative.
Service Calls
Normal maintenance, adjustments and cleaning as outlined in this manual are not covered by the
warranty. If you have followed the procedures listed on page 5-1 of this manual, and the ice machine still does
not perform properly, call your authorized service company.
Complete and mail the OWNER WARRANTY REGISTARATION CARD as soon as possible to
validate the installation date.
This product is intended exclusively for commercial application. No warranty is extended for personal,
family, or household purposes.