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S Model Maintenance

Section 4 Maintenance

Interior Cleaning and Sanitizing
Clean and sanitize the ice machine every six months for efficient operation. If the ice machine requires more
frequent cleaning and sanitizing, consult a qualified service company to test the water quality and
recommend appropriate water treatment. The ice machine must be taken apart for cleaning and sanitizing.
Ice machine cleaner is used to remove lime scale and mineral deposits. Ice machine sanitizer disinfects and
removes algae and slime.
Step 1 Set the toggle switch to the OFF position after ice falls from the evaporator at the end of a Harvest
cycle. Or, set the switch to the OFF position and allow the ice to melt off the evaporator.
Step 2 Remove top cover. This will allow easiest access for adding cleaning and sanitizing solutions.
Step 3 Remove all ice from the bin.
Step 4 Place the toggle switch in the CLEAN position.
The water will flow through the water dump valve and down the drain. Wait until the water trough refills and
water flows over the evaporator, then add the proper amount of ice machine cleaner.
Step 5 Wait until the clean cycle is complete (approximately 30 minutes) then place the toggle switch
in the OFF position and disconnect power to the ice machine (and dispenser when used).
Step 6 Remove parts for cleaning.
A. Remove the water curtain
• Gently flex the curtain in the center and remove it from the right side.
• Slide the left pin out. Water Curtain Removal

Use only Manitowoc approved Ice Machine Cleaner
and Sanitizer for this application (Manitowoc Cleaner part number 94-0546-3 and Manitowoc
Sanitizer part number 94-0565-3). It is a violation of Federal law to use these solutions in a manner
inconsistent with their labeling. Read and understand all labels printed on bottles before use.
Do not mix Cleaner and Sanitizer solutions together. It is a violation of Federal law to use these solutions
in a manner inconsistent with their labeling. Wear rubber gloves and safety goggles (and/or face
shield) when handling ice machine Cleaner or Sanitizer.

Never use anything to force ice from the evaporator.
Damage may result.
Model Amount of Cleaner
S300/S320/S420 3 ounces (90 ml) S450/S500/S600/S850/ S1000/S1200 5 ounces (150 ml)
S1400/S1600/S1800 9 ounces (265 ml)
Disconnect the electric power to the ice machine at the electric service switch box.

Maintenance Section 4
B. Remove the ice thickness probe
• Compress the hinge pin on the top of the ice thickness probe.
Ice Thickness Probe Removal
• Pivot the ice thickness probe to disengage one pin then the other. The ice thickness probe can be
cleaned at this point without complete removal. If complete removal is desired, disconnect the ice
thickness control wiring from the control board.
C. Remove the water distribution tube
NOTE: Distribution tube thumbscrews are retained to prevent loss. Loosen thumbscrews but do not pull
thumbscrews out of distribution tube.
Water Distribution Tube Removal
• Loosen the two outer screws (do not remove screws completely they are retained to prevent loss) and pull
forward on the distribution tube to release from slip joint.
• Disassemble distribution tube by loosening the two
(2) middle thumbscrews and dividing the distribution tube into two pieces.
D. Remove the water trough
• Depress tabs on right and left side of the water trough.
• Allow front of water trough to drop as you pull forward to disengage the rear pins.
E. Remove the water level probe
• Pull the water level probe straight down to disengage.
• Lower the water level probe until the wiring connector is visible.
• Disconnect the wire lead from the water level probe.
• Remove the water level probe from the ice machine.
F. Remove the water pump.
Water Pump Removal
• Grasp pump and pull straight down on pump assembly until water pump disengages and electrical
connector is visible.
• Disconnect the electrical connector.
• Remove the water pump assembly from ice machine.
• Do not soak the water pump motor in cleaner or sanitizer solution
G. Remove the evaporator tray from the bottom of the evaporator.
• Loosen thumbscrew on left side of tray.
• Allow left side of tray to drop as you pull the tray to the left side. Continue until the outlet tube
disengages from the right side.
Step 7 Mix a solution of cleaner and warm water.
Depending upon the amount of mineral buildup, a larger quantity of solution may be required. Use the ratio in the
table below to mix enough solution to thoroughly clean all parts.
Step 8 Use 1/2 of the cleaner/water mixture to clean all components. The cleaner solution will foam when it
contacts lime scale and mineral deposits; once the foam