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Flake & Chiplet Maintenance

Use Ice machine cleaner part number 000000084 only. This cleaner is used to remove lime scale or other
mineral deposits. It is not used to remove algae or slime. Refer to “Cleaning/Sanitizing Procedure” for removal of
algae and slime. To initiate a cleaning cycle using Manitowoc’s Cleaning Technology use the following procedure.
Step 1 Set the toggle switch to the OFF position. Open the bin door and remove the 2 thumbscrews and white
plastic panel.
Step 2 To start a cleaning cycle, move the toggle switch to the CLEAN position. Water will flow through the water
dump valve and down the drain. The flush, gear motor, speed, dump valve and water solenoid lights will
energize to indicate the ice machine is in the clean mode.
Step 3 Wait about one minute or until the dump valve light de-energizes. Lift the front cover on the water
reservoir and add the proper amount of Manitowoc Ice Machine Cleaner.
Step 4 The ice machine will automatically time out four flush and rinse cycles, and then stop. The flush light
remains energized until the toggle switch is moved to the OFF position. This entire cycle lasts approximately 11 minutes.
NOTE: Periodic cleaning must be performed on adjacent surface areas not contacted by the water distribution system.
Manitowoc recommends disassembling, cleaning and sanitizing the ice machine and bin/dispenser every six months.
NOTE: The ice machine may be set to start and finish a cleaning procedure, and then automatically start ice
making again. Wait about one minute into the cleaning cycle (until the dump valve light de-energizes), then
move the switch from CLEAN to ICE position. When the cleaning cycle is complete, the flush light will
de-energize and ice making will start automatically

Use Ice machine cleaner part number 000000084.
Use Ice machine sanitizer part number 94-0565-3.
Step 1 Remove front and top covers and set the toggle switch to the OFF position.
Step 2 Remove all ice from the bin.
Step 3 Disconnect water supply line at float valve quick disconnect by depressing stainless steel lever.
Step 4 Remove the top cover from water reservoir.
Step 5 Remove the water level probes from the top cover and with the wires attached, place the water level
probes (stand upright) inside the water reservoir.
Step 6 Follow the chart and premix cleaner and water.
Step 7 To start cleaning, move the toggle switch to the ICE position.
Step 8 Wait about 45 seconds until the dump valve light de-energizes. Fill the evaporator and reservoir with
cleaning solution. The ice machine will make ice with the cleaning solution and deposit the ice in the bin. Add the
remaining cleaner/water solution when the water level in the reservoir drops.
NOTE: Do not allow the water level to drop below the water level probes. The ice machine will discontinue the
cycle when t