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Flake & Chiplet Operations

Ice Machine Operation

Operational Checks
Manitowoc ice machines are factory-operated and adjusted before shipment. Normally, a newly installed ice
machine does not require any adjustment. To ensure proper operation, always follow the Operational Checks:
• when starting the ice machine for the first time
• after a prolonged out of service period
• after cleaning and sanitizing
NOTE: Routine adjustments and maintenance procedures outlined in this manual are not covered by the warranty.
The float valve maintains the correct water level. The water level must allow the water level probes to maintain
water contact throughout the freeze cycle. The water level is factory set and normally will not require
adjustment. Check the water level during the freeze cycle. The water level is correct if the water level
indicator light is energized (compressor is running) and no water is entering the overflow tube. (Check for
overflow water exiting the ice machine drain line at the floor drain).
If adjustments are necessary:
A. Rotate float clockwise to increase water level
B. Rotate float counterclockwise to decrease water level
C. Verify the outlet for the water float valve is at a 20 to 30 degree angle to prevent contact with the float.

Ice Machine Operation Section 3
Interior Cleaning and Sanitizing
You are responsible for maintaining the ice machine in accordance with the instructions in this manual.
Maintenance procedures are not covered by the warranty.
Clean and sanitize the ice machine every six months for efficient operation. If the ice machine requires more
frequent cleaning and sanitizing, consult a qualified service company to test the water quality and
recommend appropriate water treatment. An extremely dirty ice machine must be taken apart for cleaning and
Manitowoc Ice Machine Cleaner and Sanitizer are the only products approved for use in Manitowoc ice machines.
Manitowoc Ice Machines have three separate cleaning procedures.
Preventative Maintenance Cleaning Procedure
Perform this procedure as required for your water conditions.
• Allows cleaning the ice machine without removing all of the ice from the bin
• Removes mineral deposits from areas or surfaces that are in direct contact with water during the freeze
cycle (reservoir, evaporator, auger, drain lines).
Cleaning/Sanitizing Procedure

This procedure must be performed a minimum of once every six months.
• All ice must be removed from the bin
• The ice machine and bin must be disassembled cleaned and sanitized
• The ice machine produces ice with the cleaner and sanitizer solutions
• All ice produced during the cleaning and sanitizing procedure must be discarded
Heavily Scaled Cleaning Procedure

Perform this procedure if you have some or all of these symptoms.
• Grinding, popping or squealing noises from the evaporator
• Grinding noise from gearbox
• Ice machine trips speed sensor
NOTE: A Cleaning/Sanitizing Procedure must be
performed after this procedure.
Remove dust and dirt off exterior surfaces with mild household dish-washing detergent and warm water.
Wipe dry with a clean, soft cloth.
! Caution
Use only Manitowoc approved Ice Machine Cleaner part number 000000084) and Sanitizer (part
number 94-0565-3). It is a violation of Federal law to use these solutions in a manner inconsistent with
their labeling. Read and understand all labels printed on bottles before use.
! Caution
Do not mix Cleaner and Sanitizer solutions together. It is a violation of Federal law to use these solutions
in a manner inconsistent with their labeling.
! Warning
Wear rubber gloves and safety goggles (and/or face shield) when handling ice machine Cleaner or Sanitizer.

Section 3 Ice Machine Operation

Air-Cooled Condenser
A dirty condenser restricts airflow, resulting in excessively high operating temperatures. This reduces
ice production and shortens component life. Clean the condenser at least every six months. Follow the steps below.
1. The washable aluminum filter on self-contained ice machines is designed to catch dust, dirt, lint and
grease. This helps keep the condenser clean. Clean the filter with a mild soap and water solution.
Self-Contained Air-Cooled Filter
2. Clean the outside of the condenser (bottom of a remote condenser) with a soft brush or a vacuum
with a brush attachment. Clean from top to bottom, not side to side. Be careful not to bend the condenser fins.
3. Shine a flashlight through the condenser to check for dirt between the fins. If dirt remains:
A. Blow compressed air through the condenser fins from the inside. Be careful not to bend the fan blades.
B. Use a commercial condenser coil cleaner.
Follow the directions and cautions supplied with the cleaner.
4. Straighten any bent condenser fins with a fin comb.
Straighten Bent Condenser Fins
5. Carefully wipe off the fan blades and motor with a  soft cloth. Do not bend the fan blades. If the fan
blades are excessively dirty, wash with warm, soapy water and rinse thoroughly.

Disconnect electric power to the ice machine and the remote condenser at the electric service switch
before cleaning the condenser.
The condenser fins are sharp. Use care when cleaning them.
If you are cleaning the condenser fan blades with water, cover the fan motor to prevent water damage.

Ice Machine Operation Section 3

Manitowoc Flake/Chiplet Ice Machines include technology that allows the initiation and completion of a cleaning or
sanitizing cycle at the flip of a switch. This cycle will permit cleaning of all surfaces that come in contact with the water
distribution system. Periodic maintenance must be performed that includes sanitizing the bin and adjacent surface
areas, which are not contacted by the water distribution system.
Depending on local water conditions Manitowoc recommends initiating preventative maintenance cleaning
procedures between the 6 month cleanings.
This preventive maintenance removes mineral build-up from the evaporator, which results in peak efficiency and
lower operating costs.
This technology will also allow initiation and completion of a clean or sanitize cycle, after which the ice machine
automatically starts ice making again.
Refer to the cleaning/sanitizing procedure for complete details.
Use Ice machine cleaner part number 000000084 only.This cleaner is used to remove lime scale or other
mineral deposits. It is not used to remove algae or slime. Refer to “Cleaning/Sanitizing Procedure” for removal of
algae and slime. To initiate a cleaning cycle using Manitowoc’s Cleaning Technology use the following procedure.
Step 1 Remove front and top covers and set the toggle switch to the OFF position.
Step 2 To start a cleaning cycle, move the toggle switch to the CLEAN position. Water will flow through the water
dump valve and down the drain. The flush, gear motor, speed, dump valve and water solenoid lights will
energize to indicate the ice machine is in the clean mode.
Step 3 Remove the 1 1/2” yellow plug from the top cover of the water reservoir. Wait about one minute or
until the dump valve light de-energizes, then add the proper amount of Manitowoc Ice Machine Cleaner and
re-install plug.
Step 4 .The ice machine will automatically time out four flush and rinse cycles, and then stop. The flush light
remains energized until the toggle switch is moved to the OFF position. This entire cycle lasts approximately 11 minutes.
NOTE: Periodic cleaning must be performed on adjacent surface areas not contacted by the water distribution system.
Manitowoc recommends disassembling, cleaning and sanitizing the ice machine and bin/dispenser every six months.
NOTE: The ice machine may be set to start and finish a cleaning procedure, and then automatically start ice
making again. Wait about one minute into the cleaning cycle (until the dump valve light de-energizes), then
move the switch from CLEAN to ICE position. When the cleaning cycle is complete, the flush light will
de-energize and ice making will start automatically