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manitowoc 7630081


Manitowoc 7630081

Solenoid Vlv Evu4 .38X.25 230V

Price: $257.17
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7630081 Product Description

Manitowoc Ice 7630081 Genuine OEM Replacement Part

Solenoid Vlv Evu4 .38X.25 230V


  • Length: 5.85 in
  • Width: 7.75 in
  • Height: 4.00 in
  • Weight: 0.59 lbs
  • Hazardous: No

Product Specs

  • Equipment models this part works with.
    NOTE: Some models may not be listed or may be incompatible with some serial numbers.
    BD0602A BD0603W
    BD0692N BD0802A
    BD0803W BD0892N
    BD1092N BR0690N
    BR0890N BR1090N
    BY0694N BY0894N
    ED0202A ED0203W
    ED1192N ER0200A
    ER0201W ER0400A
    ER0401W ER0490N
    ER1190N EY0204A
    EY0205W EY0494N
    EY1184N EY1194N
    G1200 G1700
    GD0892N GD1202A
    GD1203W GD1292N
    GD1703W GD1792N
    GR0600A GR0601W
    GR0692N GR0890N
    GY0694N GY0894N
    HD0203W HR0201W
    HY0205W JD0692N
    JD0892N JD1092N
    JR0690N JR0890N
    JR1090N JY0694N
    JY0894N JY1094N
    QD0692N QD0692NP
    QD0892N QD0892NP
    QD1092N QD1092NP
    QF2296N QR0690N
    QR0690NP QR0890N
    QR0890NP QR1090N
    QR1090NP QY0694N
    QY0694NP QY0894N
    QY0894NP QY1094N
    QY1094NP S-SERIES 1000
    SD-0852A SD0502A
    SD0502AP SD0503W
    SD0503WP SD0592N
    SD0592NP SD0602AP
    SD0603WP SD0692N
    SD0692NP SD0892N
    SD0892NP SD1092N
    SD1092NP SF0406A
    SF0407W SF0606A
    SF0607W SF0696N
    SF0906A SF0907W
    SF0976C SN0458A
    SN0459W SN0650
    SN0658A SN0659W
    SN0698N SN0958A
    SN0959W SN0978C
    SR0500A SR0500AP
    SR0501W SR0501WP
    SR0590N SR0590NP
    SR0890N SR0890NP
    SY0504A SY0504AP
    SY0505W SY0505WP
    SY0594N SY0594NP
    SY0604AP SY0605WP
    SY0694N SY0694NP
    SY0894N SY0894NP
    SY1094N SY1094NP