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manitowoc 8369049


Manitowoc 8369049

Float Valve

Price: $100.08
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serving the USA since 2005

8369049 Product Description


Product Specs

  • Equipment models this part works with.
    NOTE: Some models may not be listed or may be incompatible with some serial numbers.
    AC0340A AC0350W
    AD0102A AD0103W
    AD0152A AD0153W
    AD0202A AD0203W
    AD0402A AD0403W
    AD0602A AD0603W
    AD1102A AD1103W
    AD2202A AD2203W
    AD2290N AM0311A
    AM0312A AM0313A
    AM0321W AM0322W
    AM0323W AM0711A
    AM0712A AM0713A
    AM0721W AM0722W
    AM0723W AO1190N
    AR0100A AR0101W
    AR0150A AR0151W
    AR0200A AR0201W
    AR0400A AR0401W
    AR0600A AR0601W
    AR1100A AR1101W
    AR2200A AR2201W
    AR2290N AY0104A
    AY0105W AY0204A
    AY0205W AY0404A
    AY0405W AY0604A
    AY0605W AY1104A
    AY1105W AY2204W
    AY2205W AY2294N
    BD0152A BD0153W
    BD0202A BD0203W
    BD0252A BD0253W
    BD0322A BD0323W
    BD0422A BD0423W
    BD0452A BD0453W
    BD0492N BR0150A
    BR0151W BR0200A
    BR0201W BR0250A
    BR0251W BR0320A
    BR0321W BR0420A
    BR0421W BR0450A
    BR0451W BR0490N
    BY1114A BY1115W
    BY1190N CD-0602A
    CD-0603W CD-1102A
    CD-1103W CR-0600A
    CR-0601W CR-1100A
    CR-1101W CVD1375
    CVD1475 CVD1476
    CY-0604A CY-0605W
    CY-0614A CY-0615W
    CY-1104A CY-1105W
    ED0602A ED0603W
    ED0692N ER0600A
    ER0601W ER0690N
    EY0604A EY0605W
    EY0694N GD-0152A
    GD-0153W GD-0202A
    GD-0203W GD-0402A
    GD-0403W GD-0492N
    GD-0602A GD-0603W
    GR-0150A GR-0151W
    GR-0200A GR-0201W
    GR-0400A GR-0401W
    GR-0490N GR-0600A
    GR-0601W GR-0692N
    GY-0204A GY-0205W
    GY-0404A GY-0405W
    GY-0494N GY-0604A
    GY-0605W GY-0694N
    HD-0202A HD-0203W
    HR-0200A HR-0201W
    HY-0204A HY-0205W
    JD0202A JD0203W
    JD0252A JD0253W
    JD0322A JD0323W
    JD0422A JD0423W
    JD0452A JD0453W
    JD0492N JR0200A
    JR0201W JR0250A
    JR0251W JR0320A
    JR0321W JR0420A
    JR0421W JR0450A
    JR0451W JR0490N
    JY0204A JY0205W
    JY0254A JY0255W
    JY0324A JY0325W
    JY0424A JY0425W
    JY0454A JY0455W
    JY0494N QD0132A
    QD0133W QD0212A
    QD0213W QD0272A
    QD0273W QD1472C
    QM45A QM45AE
    QR0130A QR0131W
    QR0210A QR0211W
    QR0270A QR0271W
    QR1470C QY0134A
    QY0135W QY0214A
    QY0215W QY0274A
    QY0275W QY1474C