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manitowoc 8505003


Manitowoc 8505003

Ptcr, Motor Start 10 Amp

Price: $64.00
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8505003 Product Description

Manitowoc Ice 8505003 Genuine OEM Replacement Part

Ptcr, Motor Start 10 Amp


  • Length: 0.85 in
  • Width: 1.65 in
  • Height: 1.00 in
  • Weight: 0.05 lbs
  • Hazardous: No

Product Specs

  • Equipment models this part works with.
    NOTE: Some models may not be listed or may be incompatible with some serial numbers.
    I0450 I0450P
    ID0302A ID0302A-161X
    ID0303W ID0306A
    ID0306W ID0452A
    ID0452A-161X ID0453W
    ID0453W-161X ID0456A
    ID0456W IY0304A
    IY0305W IY0306A
    IY0306W IY0454A
    IY0454A-161X IY0455W
    IY0455W-161X IY0456A
    IY0456W IYO304A-161X
    JD0202A JD0203W
    JD0252A JD0253W
    JD0322A JD0323W
    JD0422A JD0423W
    JD0452A JD0453W
    JD0492N JR0200A
    JR0201W JR0250A
    JR0251W JR0320A
    JR0321W JR0420A
    JR0421W JR0450A
    JR0451W JR0490N
    JY0204A JY0205W
    JY0255W JY0324A
    JY0325W JY0424A
    JY0425W JY0454A
    JY0455W JY0494N
    K-1000 QD0202A
    QD0203W QD0282A
    QD0283W QD0322A
    QD0322AP QD0323W
    QD0323WP QD0372AP
    QD0373WP QD0422A
    QD0422AP QD0423WP
    QD0452A QD0452AP
    QD0453W QD0453WP
    QD0492N QD0492NP
    QR0200A QR0201W
    QR0280A QR0281W
    QR0320A QR0320AP
    QR0321W QR0321WP
    QR0420A QR0420AP
    QR0421WP QR0450A
    QR0450AP QR0451W
    QR0451WP QR0490N
    QR0490NP QY0204A
    QY0205W QY0284A
    QY0285W QY0324A
    QY0324AP QY0325W
    QY0325WP QY0374AP
    QY0375WP QY0424A
    QY0424AP QY0425WP
    QY0454A QY0454AP
    QY0455W QY0455WP
    QY0494N QY0494NP
    SD0502A SD0502AP
    SD0503W SD0503WP
    SD0592N SD0592NP
    SD0602AP SD0603WP
    SD0692NP SR0500A
    SR0500AP SR0501W
    SR0501WP SR0590N
    SR0590NP SY0504A
    SY0504AP SY0505W
    SY0505WP SY0594N
    SY0594NP SY0604AP
    SY0605WP SY0694NP
    UD0310A UD0310AE
    UD0310W UD0310WE
    UR0310A UR0310AE
    UR0310W UY0310A
    UY0310AE UY0310W