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manitowoc ar-40000


Manitowoc AR-40000

Water Filter System

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AR-40000 Product Description

Manitowoc recommends this water filter for their ice machines.
This water filter works with the S-1200, 1400, 1600, and the S-1800 models.


Manitowoc Arctic Pure™ systems incorporate state of the art multi-composite carbon block water filtration technology. Water supplies typically contain chlorine, minerals, and organics that can cause scale build up, off tastes, odors or colors.

Features of the Manitowoc Arctic Pure™ water filtration system include:

* Built-in scale inhibitor
* Superior dirt holding capacity and fine sediment reduction
* Sanitary, quick-change housing
* Built-in valve-in head design allows cartridge change out ‘on the fly’- no need to turn the water off to the machine
* NSF certified
* 3-year parts and labor warranty