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scotsman ssmrc6


Scotsman SSMRC6

6 Pack Water Filter Replacement Cartridges

Price: $398.00
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SSMRC6 Product Description

Because ice is just frozen water, it stands to reason that the better the water, the better the ice. That is what makes water filters like the Single Replacement Water Filter (SSMRC1) from Scotsman so important. This replacement water filter is designed for use with Scotsman’s SSM plus filtration system, and it can dramatically improve the quality of the ice produced by your ice machine and extend the life of the machine by removing dirt, scale, chlorine and even bacteria and microorganisms. Its ultra fine particulate filtration filters out everything down to a half-micron, and it is even equipped with AquaArmor which uses AgION® antimicrobial technology to reduce bacteria, mold and slime in the water.