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true 801740


True 801740

Power Cord Adapter

Price: $45.08
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801740 Product Description

Power Cord Adapter, Drain Pan for one PC Pan Heater Cord used w/ 801814 and 801879 Heated Drain Pans.

Product Specs

  • Equipment models this part works with.
    NOTE: Some models may not be listed or may be incompatible with some serial numbers.
    GDIM-49NT GDM-23
    GDM-23F GDM-26
    GDM-26F GDM-33
    GDM-35F GDM-41
    GDM-41SL GDM-43F
    GDM-47 GDM-49
    GDM-49F GDM-69
    GDM-69FC GDM-69HL
    GDM-69RL GDM-72
    GDM-72F T-19
    T-19F T-23
    T-23DT T-23DT-1-G-1
    T-23DT-G T-23F
    T-23FG T-35
    T-35F T-49F
    T-72 T-72F
    TA1F-1S TA1F-2HS
    TA1R-1S TA1R-2HS
    TA1RRI-1S TA2R-2S
    TA2R-4HS TA3F-3S
    TA3F-6HS TAC-72
    TBB-2 TBB-24-48
    TBB-24-48FR TBB-24-48FR-S
    TBB-24-48G TBB-24-48G-S
    TBB-24-48G-SD TBB-24-48G-SD-S
    TBB-24-48-S TBB-24-60G-SD
    TBB-24-72G-SD TBB-24-72G-SD-S
    TBB-24GAL-48 TBB-24GAL-48G
    TBB-24-GAL-48G-SD TBB-24GAL-60G
    TBB-24GAL-60G-S TBB-2G
    TBB-3 TBB-3G
    TBB-3G-S TBB-4
    TBB-4G TBB-4G-S
    TBB-4-S TCGG-48
    TCGG-60 TCGG-72
    TCGR-59 TD-50-18
    TD-50-18-S TD-65-24
    TD-65-24-S TD-95-38
    TD-95-38-S TDD-2
    TDD-3G TDD-4
    TDD-4CT-S TDD-4G
    TDD-4-S TG1F-1S
    TG1F-2HS TG1R-1S
    TG1R-2HS TG1RRI-1S
    TG2R-2S TG2R-4HS
    TG3F-3S TG3F-6HS
    TM-24 TM-52
    TPP-44 TPP-44D-2
    TPP-60 TPP-60D-2
    TPP-67 TPP-67D-2
    TPP-67D-4 TPP-93
    TPP-93D-2 TPP-93D-4
    TPP-93D-6 TR1F-1S
    TR1F-2HS TR1R-1S
    TR1R-2HG TR1R-2HS
    TR1RRI-1S TR2F-2S
    TR2R-2S TR2R-4HS
    TR2RRT-2S-2S TR3F-3S
    TR3F-6HS TRCB-36
    TRCB-48 TRCB-52
    TRCB-52-60 TRCB-72
    TRCB-79 TRCB-79-86
    TRCB-96 TS-23
    TS-23F TS-23FG
    TS-49F TS-49G
    TS-72-3-G-3 TSD-47G
    TSID-96-3 TSSU-27-08
    TSSU-27-08D-2 TSSU-27-08D-2-LP
    TSSU-27-08-LP TSSU-27-12M
    TSSU-27-12M-B TSSU-27-12MB-LP
    TSSU-27-12M-C TSSU-27-12MC-D-2
    TSSU-27-12MC-LP TSSU-36-08
    TSSU-36-08-LP TSSU-36-12M
    TSSU-36-12M-B TSSU-36-12MB-LP
    TSSU-36-15MB TSSU-48-08
    TSSU-48-10 TSSU-48-10-LP
    TSSU-48-12 TSSU-48-12D-2
    TSSU-48-12D-4 TSSU-48-12D-4-LP
    TSSU-48-12-LP TSSU-48-12M
    TSSU-48-12M-B TSSU-48-12MB-LP
    TSSU-48-15M TSSU-48-15M-B
    TSSU-48-15MB-LP TSSU-48-18M
    TSSU-48-18M-B TSSU-48-18MB-D2
    TSSU-48-18MB-D4 TSSU-48-18MB-LP
    TSSU-48-8-LP TSSU-48-8M
    TSSU-60-08 TSSU-60-08D-2
    TSSU-60-08-LP TSSU-60-10
    TSSU-60-10-LP TSSU-60-12
    TSSU-60-12-LP TSSU-60-12M-B
    TSSU-60-14 TSSU-60-15M-B
    TSSU-60-16 TSSU-60-16D-2
    TSSU-60-16D-4 TSSU-60-16D-4-LP
    TSSU-60-16-DS TSSU-60-16-DS-LP
    TSSU-60-16-DS-ST TSSU-60-16-LP
    TSSU-60-16-ST TSSU-60-18M-B
    TSSU-60-21M TSSU-60-24M
    TSSU-60-24M-B TSSU-60-24MB-DS
    TSSU-60-24MB-DS-LP TSSU-60-24M-B-DS-ST
    TSSU-60-24MB-LP TSSU-60-24M-B-ST
    TSSU-60-24M-DS TSSU-72-08
    TSSU-72-10 TSSU-72-12
    TSSU-72-12D-4 TSSU-72-12M-B
    TSSU-72-15M-B TSSU-72-16
    TSSU-72-18 TSSU-72-18D-2
    TSSU-72-18D-4 TSSU-72-18M-B
    TSSU-72-18-ST TSSU-72-24M-B-ST
    TSSU-72-30M TSSU-72-30MB
    TSSU-72-30M-B-D-2 TSSU-72-30MB-DS
    TSSU-72-30M-B-DS-ST TSSU-72-30M-B-ST
    TSSU-72-30MB-ST-D2 TUC-27
    TUC-27D-2 TUC-27D-2-LP
    TUC-27F TUC-27F-D-2
    TUC-27G TUC-27G-LP
    TUC-27-LP TUC-36
    TUC-36-LP TUC-44
    TUC-44D-2 TUC-44HD
    TUC-48 TUC-48D-2
    TUC-48D-2-LP TUC-48D-4
    TUC-48D-4-LP TUC-48F
    TUC-48F-LP TUC-48G
    TUC-48G-LP TUC-48-LP
    TUC-60 TUC-60-32
    TUC-60-32D-2 TUC-60-32HD
    TUC-60D-2 TUC-60D-2-LP
    TUC-60D-4 TUC-60D-4-LP
    TUC-60G TUC-60G-LP
    TUC-60-LP TUC-67
    TUC-67D-2 TUC-67D-4
    TUC-67HD TUC-72
    TUC-93 TUC-93D-2
    TUC-93D-4 TUC-93D-6
    TUC-93HD TWT-27
    TWT-27D-2 TWT-27D-2-LP
    TWT-27F TWT-27F-D2
    TWT-27G TWT-27LP
    TWT-36 TWT-36LP
    TWT-44 TWT-44D-2
    TWT-44HD TWT-48
    TWT-48D-2 TWT-48D-4
    TWT-48D-4-LP TWT-48F
    TWT-48G TWT-48-LP
    TWT-60 TWT-60-32
    TWT-60-32D-2 TWT-60-32HD
    TWT-60D-2 TWT-60D-2-LP
    TWT-60D-4 TWT-60D-4-LP
    TWT-60G TWT-60LP
    TWT-67 TWT-67D-2
    TWT-67D-4 TWT-67HD
    TWT-72 TWT-93
    TWT-93D-2 TWT-93D-4
    TWT-93D-6 TWT-93HD
  • Weight: 0.02 lbs.