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true 810813


True 810813

Door Gasket

Price: $70.75
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810813 Product Description

GASKET, TSSU/TUC/TWT-60, BLK 28-1/2 X 25-7/8, CL

Product Specs

  • Equipment models this part works with.
    NOTE: Some models may not be listed or may be incompatible with some serial numbers.
    QA-60-24MB-L TSSU-60-08
    TSSU-60-08-LP TSSU-60-10
    TSSU-60-10-LP TSSU-60-12
    TSSU-60-12-LP TSSU-60-12M-B
    TSSU-60-14 TSSU-60-15M-B
    TSSU-60-16 TSSU-60-16D-2
    TSSU-60-16D-4 TSSU-60-16D-4-LP
    TSSU-60-16-DS TSSU-60-16-DS-LP
    TSSU-60-16-DS-ST TSSU-60-16-LP
    TSSU-60-16-ST TSSU-60-18M-B
    TSSU-60-21M TSSU-60-24M
    TSSU-60-24M-B TSSU-60-24MB-DS
    TSSU-60-24MB-DS-LP TSSU-60-24M-B-DS-ST
    TSSU-60-24MB-LP TSSU-60-24M-B-ST
    TSSU-60-24M-DS TUC-60
    TUC-60D-2 TUC-60D-2-LP
    TUC-60F TUC-60F-LP
    TUC-60-LP TWT-60
    TWT-60D-2 TWT-60D-2-LP
    TWT-60F TWT-60LP
  • Weight: 3 lbs.